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Tony CC




Tony's Story

"That's some kick-ass stuff right there, and this is coming from a frontman.  Frontmen do not like instrumentals but seeing as though I'm not in Tony CC's Band, I love that, that's awesome!"

– Rev, from Rev's Local Rock


On-line review of original music published in No Depression  music magazine.

Raves & Reviews

Far too many to list, but here are a few Bass players and bands that have inspired me.

  • Cliff Burton
  • Rush
  • Marillion
  • Parliament/Funkadelic
  • Racer X
  • Duran Duran
  • Marcus Miller
  • Adam Nitti
  • Chick Corea's Electrik Band
  • ​Duck Dunn

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  • Read and write sheet music and charts
  • Write or improvise original bass lines and solos
  • Play a wide range of cover songs from all genres
  • Transcribe Bass lines from recordings

Inspired by everything from 80s Metal to Contemporary Jazz, Tony CC grew up playing along with the LPs and cassettes of his favorite artists.  He cultivated his individual style playing in various bands and genres in the Midwest and the eastern United States, as well as studying privately and in school environments.  


Tony CC can be heard across the internet on most social media and music streaming sites, as well in bands playing in the Central North Carolina areas. 


Tony CC is a graduate of

Berklee School of Music's

Professional Bass Certificate program.  


  • Pedulla Thunderbass 5 String
  • Peavey Cirrus 5 String
  • Dean Acoustic Bass
  • Bergantino B Amp
  • Bergantino speaker cabinets
  • Markbass and Bugera back-up amps and cabinets

Enough quality Bass equipment to play any size venue from a coffee house to a theater, with or without PA support.