A walking Bass line propels this lively jazz tune to the journey's end.  Get onboard for a lot of fun.  Bass and piano solos included in the ticket price.

This instrumental, jam-style song combines elements of modern and classic rock, with a melodic Bass solo.  Traveling abroad can be an unforgettable adventure, but like luggage, things often get misplaced.

A collection of 10 instrumental rock, funk, and fusion songs.  Includes performances by some of the industry's best musicians, including a guest performance by guitar virtuoso Bernie Devins. 



Rock, POP, Funk, and Fusion

Original Music & Cover Songs

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new music in the works for 2018! 


 Tony CC's original music consist primarily of bass-centric instrumentals that combine the talents of a wide range of independent artists.  

Original Compositions

Tony CC



An energetic, groovy instrumental rock song that incorporates elements of Funk and Jazz.  A humorous, entendre-laden, self-deprecating look at life's little shortcomings.  Guitar by Bernie Devins.